Fix Ugly Forward Head Posture

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25 Responses to “Fix Ugly Forward Head Posture”

  1. Rasabihari Das says:

    I always enjoy hearing what you have to say but i can barely tolerate the
    way you say it. Your whole mood and tone needs to change. Learn to speak
    from authority in a humble manner Elliot. You don’t have to be this macho
    cursing know it all and talk down to us every video. We come here to be
    educated not contaminated by your egocentric manner. I feel like having an
    internal shower after every video. ?

  2. colonforsecs says:

    I “fixed” this same problem by doing standing military press, which
    encourages proper posture.?

  3. Zib Zoolander says:

    4:29 he sounds like a stoner scientist surfer?

  4. Mangelov Singh says:

    Elliott, you got ALL KIINDZ of Dowager’s Hump in you traps!?

  5. Mitchell Cousins says:

    Dem traps!!?

  6. Jaime Flores says:


  7. msmithstud says:

    i have a problem every now & then with a pulled muscle in the back of my
    neck on the left side. It feels like a pinched nerve & hurts like hell. The
    chiropractor adjusts my neck & i feel fine. I’m thinking it could be from
    looking down at my laptop or phone so much.?

  8. TosTinMan says:

    I wouldn’t worry so much about how bad posture looks, but that it has the
    potential to cause you a lot of chronic pain problems down the road. I made
    a lot of mistakes when I was young, and I’ve paid the price. I’ve been
    working on reversing it, but at age 51, it’s a slow, painful process.

  9. Hoodnasty0 says:


  10. thug2ryde says:

    I wonder if sleeping with your torso or shoulders slightly elevated, like
    they’re resting on a pillow and your head isn’t, would relax the tension
    built up in that area. Just a personal hypothesis.?

  11. Stimpackswe says:

    Great video! But I just dont understand these people who get dysfunctional
    or overweight by playing alot of video games. I myself play alot, but it
    has never affected my training and I always mind my posture when i play.
    And if it affects your sleep, then I suppose that it is more of a problem
    with discipline rather than the actual video game, know when to quit for
    the day!?

  12. Hurrrrrrrrrrly says:

    zyzz had forward head posture. because he played wow. it never got
    corrected, because once the damage is done its done, all exercises can only
    make it appear a smaller issue and partially hide it. Building large traps
    (steroids) is a good way to hide the forward head posture.?

  13. InfamousTim says:

    I’ve been through two surgeries. Both involving the correction of the
    spine. I don’t necessarily have a lump of flab around my neck, but I do
    find that my upper back, and head seem to tilt forward. Any recommendations
    for techniques I could do without dangerously damaging my back. I’m really
    limited in options.?

  14. Jonny Deth says:

    You callin me ugly?!

    Well you came here fucker obviously you want to change it because you KNOW
    it looks ugly!

    I think the downfall for most people is they will always have to
    maintenance these problem areas for life and they either walk away or
    return to negative habits.?

  15. nameunselected says:

    i do westler bridges. protected me from many injuries and ko”s.?

  16. dsid1127 says:

    Watching this video makes my neck sore. ?

  17. Duke Nukem says:

    ur such a fuckin loser…
    he aint even go to class, bueller?

  18. Frederick May says:

    this guy is the Einstein of working out?

  19. Sam Bradford says:

    Make a standing desk?

  20. Mr Kane says:

    Elliot u def have ability to wake me up on parts I don’t pay attention to
    in daily life. Thanks!?

  21. IndependentGeorge76 says:

    Ashtanga yoga is the way forward with postural problems. Add that to
    specific exercises and you will be amazed what issues you can solve?

  22. ED FRED says:

    Get a chest expander and learn to do a reverse fly or front pulls. .?

  23. ApolloSol says:

    How about something similar going on in the lower back? my lower back on my
    right side of my spine is tighter and stiffer than my left side. I also
    have some bulging disks and sciatica.

    Should I continue strengthening my back or is there another muscle I have
    to strengthen to create muscle balance as with the neck??

  24. Kill Bill says:

    Does using the F word every few seconds makes your video more impressive??

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